Thank you for visiting my site and welcome to the inner workings of my life.  Please take note that I have a straight-talkin’ mouth that wont shut up and a mind that never stops, its my charm.  In here you will find anecdotes about human satire and irony with overtly written content based on hyper-opinionated views cut with a comedic overzealous outlook on life.  I cant change the things that have happened to me, I wouldn’t even if I could.  I make fun of all situations. Nothing is taboo.  It does me and those around me no good when I get upset.  Life is hilarious and I love to laugh about everything, including my own mishaps.  This site serves as somewhat of a technological town crier, but Im not trying to indict myself of any wrongdoing.  I’m just writing about the world as I see it through chaos rimmed glasses. I wish you beautiful sunsets with loved ones, side splitting laughter, never ending good times, positive vibrations, healthy mana and much aloha. — Random Gina